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St John’s has a limited number of bursaries to offer each year, out of funds donated to the college for this reason.

The purpose of bursaries is to allow people to study with St John’s who might otherwise be prevented from doing so for financial reasons, and to assist those who are studying here by relieving financial pressures.

The grounds for making awards reflects this concern, and priority will be given to those who meet some or all of the following criteria:

  • Lack of personal funds or income which would pay for the costs of study.
  • Coming from or living in a location (such as the inner city in the UK, or the majority/developing world) which would make it difficult to find financial support, eg from members of your church.
  • Having particular reasons in your personal history which means that you have not been able to access Higher Education or Christian teaching in the past.
  • Being active in application for other sources of funding including public funding and trusts.
  • Being active in raising personal support as far as is possible.

Bursaries vary in amounts and are awarded for one year only. If you are planning more than one year’s study with St John’s, you will need to make an application for each year you are studying with us.

Please complete this form as fully as you are able. The purpose of the form is to allow us to have the clearest picture in our decision making; all information here will be treated with the strictest confidence.

Applications must be made prior to the beginning of the relevant academic year, that is, before 1st October. Limited funds are available and are considered on a first come, first served basis.

Please send the completed form to the Registry team at the address below, or email to

Bursary Application Form