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St John's College, Nottingham - Discipleship, Mission and Leadership in a World of Change



A Whole-Person Approach

Training for ministry and mission involves transformation of the whole person. Our programmes are challenging, thought-provoking and dynamic. You will explore the truth about God, growing in knowledge and understanding of him as you think through issues relating to theology and Scripture. We will encourage you to reflect on life in God, and on what it means to live, work and minister as a Christian, seeking personal encounter with God and growth in spiritual maturity.

Contextual Learning

Contextual learning is focused on blending practice in a church and/or community setting with academic study and theological reflection on practice. This combination helps you to integrate your learning and practice and employ theological resources to discern, with others, the presence and activity of God in your community. This reflects the experience of Jesus’ disciples and much early church practice. Learning to balance work, family and study is demanding, but this is good preparation for the challenges of life in ministry in the future, where good organisation and time management are key skills.

We share the journey of discovery together, learning what it means to re-energise, reform and re-engage as a Christian community, alongside our brothers and sisters living here and sharing worship together.


Academic Excellence

In all our pathways and programmes we are committed to supporting you as you develop your academic skills and fulfil your potential as a learner. In our most recent inspection by the Quality Assurance Agency we achieved the top rating for teaching, learning and student satisfaction. Our ordination training is validated by Durham University – ranked first for theology in all three leading Higher Education league tables.

The mode of learning and the diversity of assessment allow students to develop critical and informed perspectives on a range of theological and pastoral themes relevant to contemporary mission and ministry.


Our library is identified as a model of its kind by inspectors and our friendly and helpful staff offer library skills training and support to students. We have over 50,000 books (including e-books) and a comprehensive collection of reference materials. We subscribe to over 80 journals and are constantly adding to our resources. Our Timeline video project provides an accessible, innovative multimedia resource which presents interviews with over 100 specialists in theology, philosophy and biblical studies.

A Supportive Learning Community

We offer lots of support to students throughout their time with St John’s. It may be that it has been some time since you were in a formal learning environment, that you have concerns about academic study, or that your previous educational experiences have not been positive. We seek to ensure that our teaching is engaging and accessible, and will provide or find learning support for you if you need it. We hope that whatever your academic background, you will be stretched in your theological thinking, understanding and writing.