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Lent reflection Cover Image

St Johns have asked students, staff, trustees and friends to contribute articles to this new multimedia Lent resource.

One new article will be published daily during Lent 2019 starting on the 6th March.


6th Mar

John 1:1-5
The Beginning

7th Mar

John 1:6-13
Pointing to the true Light

8th Mar

John 1:14-18
The Word made flesh

9th Mar

John 1:19-28
The herald of God

10th Mar

John 1:29-34
The Lamb of God

11th Mar

John 1:35-51
The Son of Man

12th Mar

John 2:1-11
The Marriage

13th Mar

John 2:13-22
The Temple of God

14th Mar

John 3:1-15
The new birth

15th Mar

John 3:16-21
The Son of God

16th Mar

John 4:1-26
An encounter at the well

17th Mar

John 5:19-29
The giver of life

18th Mar

John 6:35-51
The bread of life

19th Mar

John 6:52-65
The bread of heaven

20th Mar

John 7:37-52
The font of grace

21st Mar

John 8:12-20
The light of the world

22nd Mar

John 9:24-38
The light of faith

23rd Mar

John 10:1-10
The door of the sheep

24th Mar

John 10:11-18
The good Shepherd

25th Mar

John 11:1-16
The raising of Lazarus (i)

26th Mar

John 11:17-27
The raising of Lazarus (ii)

27th Mar

John 11:28-44
The raising of Lazarus (iii)

28th Mar

John 12:1-16
The Lord's anointed

29th Mar

John 12:27-36
Reflecting the Light of the World

30th Mar

John 12:44-50
The judgement

31st Mar

John 13:1-17
The Servant

1st Apr

John 13:21-35
The New Commandment

2nd Apr

John 14:1-14
The Way

3rd Apr

John 14:15-24
The presence of God

4th Apr

John 14:25-31
The peace of God

5th Apr

John 15:1-16
The Vine

6th Apr

John 15:17-16:3
The Christian calling

7th Apr

John 16:16-33
The joy of the Lord

8th Apr

John 17:1-5
The Glory of God

9th Apr

John 17:6-19
The prayer of Jesus (ii)

10th Apr

John 17:20-26
The prayer of Jesus (iii)

11th Apr

John 18:1-14
The arrest

12th Apr

John 18:15-27
The denial

13th Apr

John 18:28-40
The king of truth

14th Apr

John 19:1-7
The Lamb of God (i)

15th Apr

John 19: 8-16
The Lamb of God (ii)

16th Apr

John 19: 17-22
The Crucifixion

17th Apr

John 19: 23-27
The Mother of Jesus

18th Apr

John 19: 28-37
The spring of life

19th Apr

John 19: 38-42
Jesus is laid to rest

20th Apr

John 20:1-18
The empty tomb

21st Apr

John 20: 19-31
The Lord God