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Youth Ministry Book

Centre for Youth Ministry have released "Youth Ministry": a multifaceted approach which Sally Nash has edited and both Jo Whitehead and Paul Nash have contributed to the book. Sally, Jo and Paul all co-wrote chapters with MCYM graduates.

This book, written by experts in the field, explores the role of the youth minister by looking at a range of metaphors, such as 'flawed hero', 'visionary architect', 'party planner' and 'guardian of souls'.

The book launch took place at the Emmanuel Centre in Westminster London and were most of the authors were there Please see here for more details.

'Young people are not our leaders of tomorrow, they are our leaders of today. It is a great responsibility, privilege and joy to be involved in youth work and be a small part of helping young lives blossom and flourish. I hope that this book will help encourage those involved in youth ministry to recognize the wonderful contribution they can make, and do make, on a daily basis to the lives of others.' John Sentamu, Archbishop of York

'Using rich metaphors for the many different roles that youth workers play, this book distils the wisdom and experience of practitioners and offers it as a resource for the Church. There's so much here to inspire you, equip you and above all to make you think about what you do in youth  work and why. An excellent book that should be on every youth worker's reading list.' Jenny Baker, Director of the Sophia Network'

Whether they are serving as employees or volunteers, there is much here that practitioners will be able to identify with, and use to improve and build on their own practice. Each chapter offers searching questions and some key tools to help in this process. All contributors have been able to create a text that is compelling, challenging and insightful.' Peter Ball, National Youth Adviser, Education Division, Church House

Sally Nash is Director of the Midlands Centre for Youth Ministry, and has been involved in the Christian youth work field for over 25 years, mainly in the support and training of youth workers. Youth Ministry was written by staff and graduates of the Midlands Centre for Youth Ministry.


 For a review on the book see here