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Centre for Chaplaincy with Children and Young People

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The Centre for Chaplaincy with Children and Young People is an idea which has developed over a number of years and has arisen out of the work of MCYM staff members Paul Nash in paediatric chaplaincy and Nigel Roberts in schools chaplaincy and the EA Education group. 

MCYM has been running short courses in chaplaincy for several years and has also recently published a Grove booklet on this topic.

In time the Centre will offer accredited courses, CPD, mentoring, non-managerial supervision, placements, work on resources, shadowing opportunities. Our experienced staff will also be able to offer supervisions of research. 

Our staff can also provide consultancy in a range of issues relating to chaplaincy with children and young people with particular specialisms in education and healthcare. 



We have initiated a collaborative project aimed at developing occupational standards for those working as chaplains with children and young people.  If you are interested in taking part in the consultation please email