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St John's College has been developing a video timeline project over a number of years that has involved interviewing dozens of specialists in theology, philosophy and biblical studies throughout the UK. These videos are then edited, illustrated and incorporated into interactive Web-based timelines.

At a glance it is possible to see movements, figures and significant books in their historical and intellectual context. These are then introduced and analysed by the expert video commentary behind them, making this a truly multimedia and interactive project. For further information please look at the dedictated Timeline website or to purchase your annual subscription to Timeline, please visit the on-line shop .

Recent additions to this invaluable resource include interviews with Rowan Williams, former Archbishop of Canterbury.


'I find this a superb resource for teaching undergraduate and graduate students, and always encourage students to go here first. The timeline-project attracts leading experts on key thinkers and movements. These experts manage not only to provide a highly stimulating introduction to the topic, but often set out state-of-the-art research. The student is introduced to a thinker in the best possible way, by being taken directly to the heart of fundamental questions, by someone who has lived with the material for a long time. The visual backdrops are subtle and well-judged, enhancing the listener's engagement. There is nothing quite like it available anywhere else, and it gets more comprehensive in its range week by week'

Christopher J. Insole, University of Durham