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External members

The library welcomes applications for membership from students of theology, local clergy and others interested in making use of our resources. Please contact the library or download the leaflet for further details including current membership fees.

Our external members are from a variety of church backgrounds including Pentecostals, Methodists, Baptists, AOG, Vineyard, independents, Cornerstone, Quakers from my recollection, as well as Anglicans.

Opening hours for External Library Members

The library is generally open to External Members Tuesday-Thursday, 10am-1pm and 2pm-5pm. The library is closed all day Monday and Friday. Occasionally these hours are subject to alteration, especially during vacations. We strongly recommend that you contact the library before visiting, especially if you are travelling from a distance.

Please note that the library is not open on Mondays, Fridays, Saturdays or Sundays.

I have been borrowing books from the Library at St John's College Nottingham for a number of years.I have usually been able to find all the books I have needed; it's a very well stocked and organised library. There have not been many occasions when the book I have wanted has not been there. It contains older and newer publications and new books arrive to enlarge the stock which is quite wide inits reader-material and I do appreciate being able to study with this width of viewpoint so accessible. The staff at the library have always been very helpful and friendly. On many occasions when I have needed advice it has been freely and intelligently given. I would be at a bit of a loss without access to St John's Library. I have only one negative and that is that the Library's quality of books is so good that I find that I desire to own some of them and so I have to buy my own copy; costs a fortune.

Barbara McArthur Health Visitor - Practice Teacher (Retired) Ex St John's Student


The library at St. John's Theological College has been an 'oasis of academic resources' over the past couple of years; all members of staff have been on-hand to assist with all my inquiries. I recommend the library at St. John's without any reservation.

Paul Hunt


I have always found the library at St.John's to be an excellent resource. Their collection is extensive and books are easy to find. As a post-graduate student studying theology at a local university, I've found that being a member of the library at St.John's has been really helpful. They often have books that are not stocked in the university library. The staff are helpful and friendly and are always willing to help find books and make suggestions. I heartily recommend St.John's library to anyone interested in or studying theology!

Tim Stanyon


As an external member of St John's Library I have found their extensive resources invaluable for both my weekly preaching ministry and to supplement my studies at Master's level.  For the equivalent price of a couple of books my library membership gives me access to thousands of books, well catalogued and easily found.  The staff are helpful, informative and patient - with a gentle reminder now and then that books need to be returned! It is always a pleasure to pop in to the library.  I only wish that I had more time to simply browse so many wonderful volumes that wait upon the shelves.

Captain Marcus Mylechreest, Stapleford Salvation Army