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The Cross Cultural Christian

This workbook replaces the two previous Faith for Life workbooks Entering Another's World and The World Christian that were compiled and edited by Robin Thompson and Margaret Wardell twenty years ago. Both were excellent resources, but world issues, cultures and approaches to mission change and some material has become dated; the original books form the inspiration for much that is contained in this new workbook. This book doesn't pretend to have the final answer on any topic that is covered, but is designed to begin to get you thinking about issues and encourage you to explore more deeply those issues that excite you and that will particularly enable you in your cross cultural experiences.

There are plenty questions and exercise for you that are intended to get you thinking about the different issues that it introduces you to. Of course, it is possible to ignore these and just read the text but, as with most things in life, the more that you put into it the more you will get out of it. If you do the exercises you are likely to come to conclusions that are yours and that you believe in, rather than just taking on board the views of the contributors in the text that follows.

The book can be used by individuals, or you may find others who wish to work with you as a group in reflecting on the exercises. If you are going to work or live as a Christian in another culture, you will be seeking prayer support from your church; prayer support is more effective if it is informed. You may wish to use some of this material with people from your church as a way of helping them to reflect upon the issues that you will be engaging with, so that they better understand the issues that you will be facing and can be better informed in praying for you.