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In Search of Wholeness

St John’s Extension Studies, 2003 - major revision 2010

A Christian theology of healing and practical training for church and medical settings

A recent Church of England report on Christian healing, ‘A Time to Heal’ affirmed the church’s commission not only to preach and teach but also to heal. Among its many recommendations is a new emphasis on training - especially clergy but also for lay people. It also recommends a closer relationship between the church and the medical professions.
This is a joint venture with the Acorn Christian Foundation and the Leeds Teaching Hospitals Chaplaincy Centre. The vision has been to create a resource which can be used both in the church context for training members of healing teams and in the hospital context for training chaplaincy visitors. The discipline has been to create a ‘theology’ of Christian healing that is true to both contexts, and to give practical help in bridging the gap between them.

ISBN 1900920093



There an image which shows the unclothed back of a woman in Unit 2:13 of this book. Some people who have purchased this book have recently informed us that they find this image offensive. We wish to apologise for any offence this image may cause and assure you that in future editions of the book this image will not appear. We are currently working on a new edition of this book.