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St John's Certificate

Open to all!

St John’s College has provided distance learning courses for 40 years, supporting hundreds of students in a wide variety of circumstances and from many different backgrounds. Some have studied for their own interest, or to be better equipped as Christians, or as a way to investigate and test their own vocation.

We know that many potential students have little or no academic background and they are looking for learning that is accessible and engaging. Through St John's you can study at your own pace, with the help of a personal tutor. You will be issued with a completion certificate at the end of each module. When you have completed three modules you will be awarded the St John's Certificate.

All study material is provided online, so some IT skill is necessary. You will have the opportunity to converse with other students via the internet, so it is possible to do this course anywhere in the world at a time that suits you.

I have thoroughly enjoyed all my learning!  The knowledge I have gained is already being used and helping within our church. Everyone I have dealt with at St. John's College has always been extremely helpful and the advice I have received has been correct and appropriate.  Just knowing you are all there has been a great support.

Sharon Grant
Reader in Training, The Church in the Costa Brava

Certificate Modules

A full range of modules are offered, as shown below. The aim is to offer you an opportunity to study and reflect on the best theological ideas to develop and extend your knowledge and skills as a Christian.

You will work through the module in your own time with the assistance of your personal tutor. It may take a few months or up to a year to complete each module. Some manage more two or three modules a year, but it depends on personal circumstances.

At the end of the module you can choose to do the assessment to find out how you have engaged with the material and how useful it has been. A tutor will mark your work and advise on ways to develop your learning still further. Through student feedback we constantly seek to improve and enhance our courses.

After completing each module you will be issued with a certificate.


Using the Bible Today (1051)

An introduction to the way the Bible can be used in everyday life and how it can transform ourselves and our society. You will be taught through a close study of how certain texts which are interpreted in the light of contemporary issues.

Introduction to Christian Doctrine (1111)

You will be guided in how to study some of the core beliefs of Christianity in the context of mission and ministry. Doctrine is brought alive as it relates to today’s concerns through exploration and the application of critical thinking.

Foundations for Reflective Practice (1451)

Theological reflection is a key skill which enables self-awareness and a discernment of God’s will for us, the Church and the world. You will find ways to discover and use your gifts in ministry and mission.

Foundations for Ministry and Mission (1301)

This module explores the nature and patterns of ministry and mission in the New Testament, comparing these to the patterns of Church life and growth today. You will be encouraged to undertake projects where you can discover different expressions of Church.

Christian Worship: Learning through Tradition (2601)

This module looks at how the Church of England has developed its worship since the Reformation and charts the development from those texts to the Common Worship services of today. You will be equipped to prepare and lead such services.

Biblical Studies (2021)

This module will enable you to understand, through modern critical approaches, a range of different kinds of biblical texts from the Old and New Testaments, and help you to explore how these might be applied in a variety of life and ministerial settings.

Christian Doctrine in Focus (3101)

A higher-level module that considers in some detail the major themes of Christian theology. You will be asked to make connections between your study and your own experience. Accompanying the material, reference is made to key text books and throughout there are links to relevant websites. Extracts from other key resources are provided alongside when appropriate.

Theological Perspectives: Christian Ministry (3261)

This higher-level module is designed for you to explore the nature of Christian ministry and the mission of the Church from the perspective of ordained and/or lay involvement. It addresses different understandings of ministry and mission in the New Testament and contemporary churches, with particular reference to new forms of Church. Theological rationales and perspectives for different models of Church, mission and ministry are offered, including pastoral care/service in the community, evangelism, leading worship, preaching and teaching.


How to apply

We are open to applications throughout the year. You will be allocated a tutor who will guide you through your studies. Also, you will have access to our online Moodle site with study material, forums, feedback forms and details about the assessment for each module. Simply complete the application form and return it by email to

Fees 2019/20

Modules cost £620 each, and you will need to pay before you start your study. To complete the full St John's Certificate you need to study three modules, costing in the region of £1860.

Visit our online shop to pay

If you do not complete your module within the period agreed by the Director of Studies there is an annual deferral fee of £80 to cover administration costs.


Find out more

If you want to ask more about this course, the various modules and the way it is delivered contact John Tomlinson, Director of Studies at St John’s College:   or     0115 925 1114