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Gayle Greenway

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Full Time Ordinand

When I first came to St John’s on the open day, before commencing my training, I felt very encouraged that this would be the right place for me to be.  This was because the open day left me with a strong sense of conviction from God that this would be where I would gain awareness of the breadth of the Church of England but at the same time become increasingly grounded through both the word and the Spirit of God.

Now in my second year, I am so thankful to God for how this conviction has proved to be sound in many and various ways.  The spirituality programme has enlarged my understanding of how my prayer life may be continually nurtured, and worship in chapel regularly equips and energises me for all that I will engage with in serving at church placement and in working on academic studies.

Formation group continues to provide quality times to learn from others by hearing their stories of how God has shaped their lives so far, exploring topics together, and praying and worshipping with each other.  Tutors are extremely encouraging –listening to where we are each at and helping us grow by giving sound advice.

Lectures are not only thorough but also delivered by tutors who are extremely committed to presenting information in ways that are accessible but simultaneously provide insights to extend learning in directions that students find of particular interest to them. Seminars too, stimulate lively and thoughtful discussions that illuminate the subjects and concepts being explored.

I would recommend St John’s as a place to be formed into a missional servant-hearted leader because of all that I have shared above, and also because the contextual learning promises to build upon the already appropriate contextual opportunities that we have been experiencing through our current two-year church placement.  This makes me think that it will invaluably help ministry students and ordinands to explore the challenges of ministry life during the integral training period in ways that would not happen through other training methods.