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Graduation Ceremony - Chester Cathedral - Tuesday 3rd November 2015

joint graduation

A number of us from St John's travelled the 80 or so miles over to Chester for our Graduation Ceremony in the Cathedral.

It was a great occasion - yes, the venue is magnificent, and I loved the pomp and ceremony, but what was particularly memorable was to meet students from the wider St John's family, studying by distance learning, and to share their stories.  What struck me was their commitment to their studies and to St John's, though many of them had spent only an occasional weekend actually at College during their two, three or four years of study. 

The Vice-Chancellor of the University, Canon Timothy Wheeler, made the point in his address that one of the more rewarding "by-products" of studying at any institution is the support and encouragement one gains from one's peer group, and the relationships formed.   Even as a part-time non-resident student, I've found this particularly true of St John's.   I've also benefited so much from the dedication and commitment of the teaching staff and tutors.

Although for me the Graduation Ceremony did not mark the end of my studies (more of a staging post along the way!) it was good to celebrate with others and look back with thanks on what has been achieved so far.


Karen Hanford




Over the last few weekends we have followed our students from the past few years, many of whom have been ordained to the next stage of their journey.


Birmingham Priests Ordination 2015


Lucy Moss

Lucy Moss with Azaria Spencer and Gayle Greenway, 2015


Do you have any ordination photos as a priest or deacon which we can share on the website? If so please email to Jane Travis or share on the St John's facebook page