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Nimilote Rokotoro

Photo of Nimilote Rokotoro

MCYM student

I started studying with MCYM after serving in the army for nine years. I love learning and it has always been my dream to get a degree. I am a probation minister and am working with children and families so when MCYM offered me a place to study on one of their courses it seemed the right place to be. Initially I felt scared when I started at MCYM and kept asking myself if this was something I really wanted to do. Coming back to full time studies is not easy, however, the discipline of the programme has helped me to focus and set goals. I do think my military background has played a huge role in multi-tasking and prioritising my workload and balancing work with study.

Studying on campus is very beneficial, especially when all the resources are there and you can talk face to face with the tutors and other students during the fortnightly teaching.

I love MCYM and feel I have got all the support I need.

Nimilote successfully finished his degree and graduated in October 2018. He is now pursuing a Masters degree.