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Nicky Carter

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When I commenced my study with CYM I was a volunteer youth worker. I enjoyed youth work but always knew there was something more to my ministry than youth work.  Unlike some I like to talk about faith and its impact on my life so it is unsurprising that I am often referred to as an evangelist.

Studying Ministry and Mission with CYM has challenged my perspective on Gods Mission, who I am in God and who God is calling me to be. The non-judgemental teaching at CYM, which encourages reasoned thinking and stretches the student beyond their norms along with the additional support, has impacted me immensely. As I reflect on my first 2 years of study it is no surprise that I have stepped into new territory in more ways than one. I am no longer a youth worker but am now a Community Pioneer on a new housing estate where I daily see God working through those who have yet to be introduced to Him. As I look toward to my dissertation year I am motivated by the opportunities my new placement offers knowing that I will be undertaking a piece of work that could benefit others in years to come.