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Darren Howie

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Full time Ordinand studying on the Community Mission Pathway programme

For the past 3 years my wife Jo and I have been part of St John's wider college community.   Me completing a BA in Theology and Jo completing a diploma in theology part-time whilst running her business in Wales from a distance and looking after our beautiful daughter of 3, Annie.  We both came to St John's as independent students.  Soon after coming I felt the call to ordination and we began a 2 year process of discernment. In March, I got through my Bishops Panel and began exploring what institution to train at.  After much wrestling we chose to remain at St John's as we love Nottingham and the Community Mission Pathway (CMP) offers a unique training opportunity and enables us to stay connected to the diocese we have come to love and serve.  It also provides us with a more practical experience and the opportunity to explore and develop our gifts as potential pioneer leaders.   

Jo and I have been really interested in living in community for some years now and we have sought to try and implement community wherever we live, although it has never been quite as structured or intentional as CMP.  The CMP, and its rule of life and missional ethos gives us as a family the perfect opportunity to explore community living further. We are looking forward most to just 'doing life' with people, both with those who are on the CMP and the Lady Bay community as a whole.  We have a variety of gifts and experiences we hope will enrich the community in some way and serve the mission of God in Lady Bay.  I am a reformed addict with experience in mentoring, addiction rehabilitation, and prison ministry. My wife is keen to use her business skills to explore the possibility of setting up a social enterprise.