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Becky Hancock

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Part-Time Ordinand

I arrived at St John’s School of Mission in September 2014 with no formal academic background, no experience of studying theology and a husband that wasn’t entirely convinced that the God I told him was calling me into ordained ministry, even existed.  Needless to say it has been an interesting couple of years thus far!!
I am Becky, 22 years of various roles in IT Management for a global financial institution under my belt and recently elected President of the Student Association at St John’s School of Mission. For the last two years I have been studying part time, dividing my time between college and home where I am wife of John, mum to Ellie and James, walker of Desmond the chocolate Labrador and also somehow managed to fit in a part time job as a Parish Administrator.

Despite the challenges and changes that St John’s has faced during my time of study here, the last two years have been an incredible time of spiritual growth and formation as well as theological learning for those of us who have benefited from inspirational teaching and amazing fellowship.  A particular highlight for me personally occurred in September last year when myself and some of my St John’s colleagues were able to join the Archbishop of York’s team for the Sheffield Crossroads Mission. We manned a prayer station in Sheffield city centre throughout the weekend, praying with and for members of the public. We also joined the Archbishop on visits to schools, market places and other locations and events across the city and a very moving finale in Rotherham town Centre on the Sunday afternoon.
Part of my role as student president is to participate and contribute to key strategic decisions about future training models at St John’s.  It will be important to ensure that remaining students continue to benefit from inspirational teaching and amazing fellowship. I have been really impressed with the commitment of the Faculty. staff and also the Council of Trustees who have been unwavering in their commitment to the continuing students, both independent and ordinands.

I am excited about what God is doing here at St John’s but I am also realistic about the fact that we fallible human beings are the ones who choose to either enable the Holy Spirit to move or make it difficult!  My hope and prayer continues to be that this place of learning and fellowship will flourish once again as it seeks to be obedient to the will of God.  One thing that I learnt with my background in Crisis, Problem, Change and Project Management is the importance of relationships founded on trust. Relationships that are open, honest and with a willingness on everyone’s part to be supportive, flexible and open to change. As key strategic decisions continue to be made over the coming months here at St John’s School of Mission, my hope and prayer is that divisions are repaired, relationships are restored and that all of us catch up with God and his plans and vision for theological training in this part of the country.
Every Blessing